New website!

I am pleased to announce my new website,! I have finally made the switch from a domain to a real domain. All the page links in the navigation bar above redirect to it as well.

The new website is pretty much the same, but has a new theme and a few more pages. It’s still under development and pretty plain, but hopefully I’ll spice it up soon.

Set your bookmarks to, because that’s where all the action is at.



On July 2, 2014, I ordered a Google Chromecast. For those of you who don’t know what that is, Google markets it as the “easiest way to enjoy online music and video on your TV.” It’s a tiny little stick (think USB drive) that plugs into your TV. It’s got a little USB cord which you can plug into the wall via an adapter or into the USB slot on your TV. What’s unique about it is that it is entirely controlled by your device, be it computer, phone, or tablet.

But enough about the Chromecast. This tale of woe is primarily about the United States Postal Service and their shortcomings.

Amazon claimed that the Chromecast would arrive in two days, and since Amazon is a usually reliable company, I believed them. Oh, how I was wrong.

The unhelpful tracking page in question

I was given a tracking number for my package, which I eagerly typed into the USPS website. They reported that it had been picked up by a shipping partner in Coffeyville, Kansas. I waited, but there were no further status updates until the next day, when the electronic shipping info was received. That was all.

And then, suddenly, on the fourth of July, all sorts of messages popped up that made me sing in joy. They were Acceptance, Arrival at Hub, Sorting Complete, Out for Delivery, and Delivered. While everyone but me found that unlikely, as it was a national post office holiday, I held out in hope that the package would still be delivered, because I trusted the USPS and their website.

Unfortunately, the package had not arrived, and I was sad. I waited two whole days until Monday arrived, and when I checked the mailbox- nothing.

Nothing at all.

Which meant that the mailman probably hadn’t arrived yet. So I waited. And I waited. And I waited.

Until the fateful moment. The Chromecast arrived. I was satisfied at last. I spent the rest of the day experimenting with it.

There was one important takeaway from this whole experience.

Don’t trust the USPS.

Mystery Story

Hello, loyal readers.

For homework at school, we had to read Murder on the Orient Express. It’s a really great book, and I had no idea how it was going to end. Not even a clue.

As follow-up to that, we have to write a mystery story. Mine’s about the murder of a butler at a manor (the butler didn’t do it this time!), and while it seems a kind of solid storyline, I’m finding it incredibly hard to write.

I haven’t got past the first page yet, so that’s bad news. I’m not sure how long I can make this story.

That’s all. I just wanted to share what’s going on. Thanks for reading!

April Fools

Hello again, loyal readers.

Today is April Fools’ Day, which can be the most fun or the most tedious day of the year. If well executed, a prank can entail hours of mirth, but it can also fail horribly and result in relentless shame. I have experienced neither the former or the latter, but April Fools’ Day can be enjoyed even if you are unwilling or unprepared to take part in the pranking.

Every year, Google creates a huge prank that usually modifies existing services. This year, they have created the Google Pokémon program, last year it was Google Nose. This year, Reddit has unveiled the Headdit program, which works, surprisingly, albeit not very well. The popular game Minecraft has changed the customizable “skin” feature into a permanent “villager” skin. There are many more.

Sadly, I am reporting that my website will become paid-only, as server costs are ridiculously high. It’s $10.00 dollars per page, and $15.00 for browsing the front page and clicking on other posts. While this seems far-fetched, I have gotta do what I have gotta do. Click here to visit my PayPal page, where you can get all set up. I also accept payments in Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Thank you for reading.

Writing is a hard thing to do

Writing is a hard thing to do.

I wrote a lot of stories when I was younger, but looking back on them, they’re pretty bad. They’re simple, poorly formatted, and barely contain the elements of what could become a compelling story. They’re remnants of another part of me that doesn’t exist anymore, that has evolved.

I’ve got an old website, Universal Stories. It has a lot of my old stories on it, and I’m not proud of most of them. The stories are short, they make no sense, they’re formatted wrong, they’re poorly written… I also blotted out the name of one of my characters for some reason of which I cannot recall. It’s a dead site which I might revisit, but most likely not. I’ll probably leave it the way it is.

On the subject of writing, I recently had to write a paper about mining and modifying the environment. It’s not publicly available, but I will make a post about it when it is. I learned a lot when writing this paper, about hydraulic fracturing, mining, conflict diamonds, and more. Looking back at the papers I wrote last year, this seems to be a vast improvement over my previous writing style. As I said, that part of me has evolved, and most likely will continue evolving for a long, long time.

Cryptocurrencies and Doge

Hi all!

Recently there has been a boom in the world of cryptocurrencies. What is a cryptocurrency? That’s a good question.

Cryptocurrencies are basically currencies that are online. Online money. That’s really what it comes down to. There are a few main currencies in the crypto world, mainly being Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE). Bitcoin was the first, and currently it’s worth the most, at around $600-700 apiece. It was worth a lot more, but its value took a nosedive recently. Litecoin is worth about $17 apiece. And Dogecoin? Apiece, it’s worth about… nothing. But about Ð1000 is worth $1. If you stockpile the doge, you can actually get enough money to buy something.

But what’s different about doge than other cryptocurrencies? Well, for one, they’re the newest. Dogecoin started in December, and the community has grown immensely since then. Secondly, the coin is based on a meme of a dog. That is highly unusual to some people. The community for Dogecoin is extremely friendly and tips DOGE to each other all the time, unlike the other communities, which overall tend to hoard their money.

You can acquire these currencies in several ways: buying, mining, being tipped, or faucets. You can buy a cryptocurrency with real money through various online services. Mining is when you run a program on your computer which links into a network with other people, where you “mine” and help discover more of the coin. Tipping is pretty much what it sounds like: other people on the Internet tipping you doge. There are tipbots for tons of social networks (the best tipbot being on Reddit, /u/dogetipbot!) and more are appearing. People can just give you money: that’s the magical thing about DOGE, because they actually do. They’re not self-absorbed hoarders. They just scatter you with doge: 20, 50, 100, 1000… I recently got a Ð5000 doge tip. I plan to keep Ð3000 of it and tip the rest, or donate to faucets.

Faucets let you get coins for free: just enter your wallet address and expect the money to come in soon. It’s a good way to get started at gathering money.

More and more things are accepting cryptocurrencies. Who knows? Maybe someday everything will accept crypto and it will become a currency like any other.

That’s all. Thank you for reading.

It has been a while

Hello, everyone! It has been a while, hasn’t it?

The last post on here was from about a year or two ago, which is definitely a sign that I need to actually move and write something for the blog. So why haven’t I posted anything?


I didn’t really feel like it.

whew that’s over with. Now we can get back to the future, which is one with frequent updates. I am deeply immersed in the world of technology, so most of my posts will be about that… I’ll also probably be posting my thoughts on current events and stuff on Reddit, also.
So, hopefully, you should be seeing more posts and stuff. Tomorrow: DOGE.
(oh, and have you noticed the new theme? it’s very minimalistic and simple, reminiscent of a mobile interface.)