Backyard Safari Chickens

Welcome to Chicken-Topia! Where all your earthly chicken delights are sated!

Meet the chickens:

Fluffy, our most adventurous chicken, is eating a purple flower. If she looks startlingly white in that photo, the camera may have over-flashed, but she’s still pretty pure white.

This is Brownie. Well, yes, her name is self-explanatory. But the chicken runs! Luckily, in the limited confines of our backyard, she is still, at least, catchable.


Kerlinda, yes. She just keeps growing and growing! The most easily catchable of all the chickens, she also has the softest feathers.


Meet the baby chicks:

From left to right: Girly-girl and Charlotte. Note: I didn’t name Girly-girl.


So now you know our chickens. We always have quite the adventure with them… Here’s the slideshow of all the compiled pictures above.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


😉 Just the usual chicken-catching experience. Also, a feature bonus “Three Chicken Chronicles” is being considered.

Until next post,









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