Merry Christmas, it’s November

Why is everyone Christmas-ing up when it’s not even December? 

Call me weird, but at home, we’re setting up our Christmas decor, and we’ve got and decorated a Christmas tree already. I don’t know if anyone else feels like this, but at the square in Georgetown, they had their super-special  lighting of the square where they lit up the courthouse and lit up the trees and everything. I was on my second day of the flu when my dad dragged me out into the cold just to stand around and have an obstructed view of singing people. I didn’t really appreciate it until a few days later, but that’s not important.

What’s important is that it seems like it’s Christmas! The day after Thanksgiving we went to Belton and got a Christmas tree. The same day, Mr. Mayor and others were singing away on the square with Santa! And it’s not even December yet! It just seems weird to me. We’re more than a month away and it feels like Christmas is like, tomorrow.

That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with that, but it’s just weird. WEIRD. Anyways, December is in a few days, and then maybe I’m not going crazy.



One thought on “Merry Christmas, it’s November

  1. Alice says:

    Hi Sam,
    You are absolutely right, Christmas is a month away But if you had to shop, bake, decorate, work and take care of your kids you would realize how really short that time is. I did not like Halloween decorations out in September, nor Thanksgiving stuff in October, but that is the way marketing is working right now. By the way I saw that the winter clothing was already on sale so that they could find space for the spring line. Yes, Sam they sell bikinis in January.

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