Writing is a hard thing to do

Writing is a hard thing to do.

I wrote a lot of stories when I was younger, but looking back on them, they’re pretty bad. They’re simple, poorly formatted, and barely contain the elements of what could become a compelling story. They’re remnants of another part of me that doesn’t exist anymore, that has evolved.

I’ve got an old website, Universal Stories. It has a lot of my old stories on it, and I’m not proud of most of them. The stories are short, they make no sense, they’re formatted wrong, they’re poorly written… I also blotted out the name of one of my characters for some reason of which I cannot recall. It’s a dead site which I might revisit, but most likely not. I’ll probably leave it the way it is.

On the subject of writing, I recently had to write a paper about mining and modifying the environment. It’s not publicly available, but I will make a post about it when it is. I learned a lot when writing this paper, about hydraulic fracturing, mining, conflict diamonds, and more. Looking back at the papers I wrote last year, this seems to be a vast improvement over my previous writing style. As I said, that part of me has evolved, and most likely will continue evolving for a long, long time.


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