Meridian Stuff

tips and tricks and stuff

on chromebooks, press ctrl, alt, and / at the same time to bring up a dialog of keyboard shortcuts.

on macbooks, sign into the “lions” account, which doesn’t sync and is much faster. the username is lions and the password is lions. all lowercase. be warned, however, that the next person using the computer might be able to sign into your things if you don’t log out.

on macbooks, open the app keychain access to find and delete usernames and passwords. do not use keychain access to view passwords. you can get a referral for that.

on most ipads, click the home button three times in rapid succession to invert colors.

on chromebooks, type chrome:chrome in the omnibar to update the chromebook, if it hasn’t been already.

sometimes, a network called Meridian Guests will come online. you can connect to it with any device and access the internet.



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