April Fools

Hello again, loyal readers.

Today is April Fools’ Day, which can be the most fun or the most tedious day of the year. If well executed, a prank can entail hours of mirth, but it can also fail horribly and result in relentless shame. I have experienced neither the former or the latter, but April Fools’ Day can be enjoyed even if you are unwilling or unprepared to take part in the pranking.

Every year, Google creates a huge prank that usually modifies existing services. This year, they have created the Google Pokémon program, last year it was Google Nose. This year, Reddit has unveiled the Headdit program, which works, surprisingly, albeit not very well. The popular game Minecraft has changed the customizable “skin” feature into a permanent “villager” skin. There are many more.

Sadly, I am reporting that my website will become paid-only, as server costs are ridiculously high. It’s $10.00 dollars per page, and $15.00 for browsing the front page and clicking on other posts. While this seems far-fetched, I have gotta do what I have gotta do. Click here to visit my PayPal page, where you can get all set up. I also accept payments in Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Thank you for reading.